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Our Barrie & Milton staff has over 25 years of experience in the bankruptcy field.


about morganThe recent global recession is still affecting many Canadian individuals. While some were able to persevere through low employment, rising costs of living, and other economic factors, there are still many others whose finances are now dramatically different. If you are considering bankruptcy, our team at Morgan & Partners Inc. can help you determine if bankruptcy or other options, including consumer proposal services, are available to you. We can help you navigate the extensive paperwork and procedures that are required in different types of bankruptcy filings and provide an individualized financial plan to get your finances repaired and restored.

At Morgan & Partners Inc., we want to help you rise above the financial difficulties you are currently experiencing. Whether you’ve already made up your mind to file for bankruptcy, a consumer proposal or want to investigate your other alternatives, we are here to help. We offer flexible scheduling options and will come up with a personalized solution based on your needs and financial constraints. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease when discussing your finances with us, so we strive to provide an environment that is both personal and flexible to better serve you. With over 25 years of experience in bankruptcy filings, you can feel confident in giving us your business.

Combatting Bankruptcy with Morgan & Partners

There is no need to live in constant fear and worry over the current state of your finances. Our team here at Morgan & Partners Inc. is ready and available to help you. In order to receive more information or schedule an appointment with one of our skilled staff, contact us in Barrie or Milton, Ontario today.